Provide safety and peace of mind around your
pool, garden, yard and more with this premium
aluminum fencing system, AQUATINETMPLUS!

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About Us

Learn more about the features and benefits of
AquatineTMPLUS aluminum fencing and how
you can use it around your home!

Versatile Design

You don’t have to compromise with AquatineTMPLUS! Install on hard surfaces such as concrete, and soft surfaces such as grass.

Low Maintenance

ƒMade from powder-coated aluminum, AquatineTMPLUS is lightweight, durable, and no sanding or staining is required. It will not rot or rust like its wood or steel counterparts.


ƒƒCompared with its competitors, AquatineTMPLUS offers a simple, do-it-yourself approach to fencing. Plan, select your components and install like an expert!


The fencing system you always knew you wanted.


The versatile AquatineTMPLUS aluminum fencing system gives you the freedom to decide what you want for your fence design. Choose between picket panels or glass panels for different and unique looks that fit your personal style.

LED Ready

AquatineTMPLUS comes with built-in channels for our LED Lighting System. Simply install the LED Starter Kit and light up your fencing system during special occasions, and gatherings with friends and family!

20 Year Warranty

The AquatineTMPLUS aluminum fencing system is proud to offer you a 20 year limited warranty, so your fence continues to work the way a premium, high-quality fence should work!

Provide safety and peace of mind around your pool, garden, yard and more with our premium aluminum fencing system, Aquatine TMPLUS! A heavy-duty version of its cousin, AquatineTM; Aquatine TMPLUS is a sophisticated component-based fencing system that allows for versatility and durability in its appearance and application.


Choose between pickets or glass panels, add a gate, and easily install on hard or soft surfaces. Keep any outdoor area of your home well protected and looking sharp! The clean and modern profile of the Aquatine TMPLUS aluminum fencing system blends nicely with any outdoor area to ensure that your view is left unobstructed.


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